What should I do for the Step Up challenge?

To complete the Step Up challenge you have to:

  1. count daily steps;
  2. report them on te site.

Counting steps

To count steps you must use your smartphone or any other device capable of counting steps (smartwatch, fitness bracelet). For the smartphone you have to install a pedometer application. Others devices have to be connected with your smartphone.

Reporting steps

To report the steps on the website you have to:

  1. login with the username and password provided by your teacher;
  2. go to Steps report page on your profile;
  3. fill the yellow form;
    • date – you may choose the current day or 5 days behind;
    • the number of steps you did in that day;
    • browse for a screenshot image captured from the pedometer application;
  4. press the green Add report submit button;
  5. the report is displayed on the page.


  • because the pedometer application is installed on your smartphone, probably the screenshot file is located on the smartphone too, so it is easier to report the steps from your smartphone;
  • the report form is available only after login.
How to make a screenshot

A screenshot is a picture with the content of the screen. There are several ways to make a screenshot, depending on your smartphone. Please check your smartphone specifications about that. Google knows everything!


Challenge requirements

There are four challenges who count for the ranking and one challenge who don’t counts:

  • Step Up – requires to make a minimum number of steps
  • Time to move – requires to count a minimum number of minutes in Strava activities
    • every Strava activity counts for this challenge
  • Activity matters – requires to make a minimum number of Strava activities
    • only activities longer than 15 minutes count for this challenge
  • Far enough! – requires to count a minimum number of kilometres in Strava activities
    • only activities providing a distance count for this challenge.
  • Strava trophies don’t counts for ranking – you can add any Strava trophy after completing the corresponding Strava challenge.
Challenge requirements
Month Step Up Time to move Activity matters Far enough! Strava trophies
December 45.000 steps in a week
January 220.000 steps 300 minutes 9 10km as many as you can
February 230.000 steps 600 minutes 13 20km as many as you can
March 280.000 steps 900 minutes 17 30km as many as you can
April 300.000 steps 1200 minutes 21 40km as many as you can


How to use this website?

As a visitor you may view the ranking and the participants list.

As a participant you may login with the credentials provided by your teacher, than:

  • you have to connect to your Strava account;
  • you have to report your daily steps;
  • you can add Strava trophies; those trophies doesn’t count for ranking, but is fun and keep you motivated. We maintain a list of challenges available on Strava – you can see it here.
Why do I have to connect with Strava?

This allows us to download your existing Strava activities and allows Strava to inform us about your new activities. In this way your Strava activities are registered automatically.

You may disconnect your Strava account anytime, but is not recommended, because your new Strava activities will not be registered for the ranking.

You have to connect to Strava only once, except if you disconnect your Strava account. In this case you must connect to Strava again.


Activity updates delay

After you finish an activity on Strava, please wait up to 30 minutes for that activity to be uploaded on C.A.L. website.


How the ranking is built?

There are four challenges that count for ranking: Step Up, Time to move, Activity matters, Far Enough! and each one has a target, which is a number (steps, minutes, kilometers, activities).

Each participant has a coefficient, a sum of four numbers; each corresponds to a challenge and is computed as a percent between the challenge requirement and the current result of the participant. This percent can be higher than 100, but cannot be higher than 200.

For example, the January Step Up requirement is 220.000 steps. If I make 100.000 steps the percent will be 45,45 and if I make 300.000 steps the percent will be 136,36. Notice that the percent can be higher than 100!

The Activity matters challenge requires to do 9 Strava activities in January. If you will have 25 activities, the percent will be 200, even if the computed value is 25 * 100 / 9 = 277,77.


How Strava activities count for challenges?

Strava activities count for Time to move, Activity matters and Far Enough! challenges:

  • for Time to move and Far Enough! count all Strava activities;
  • for Activity matters count only activities longer than 15 minutes – this threshold may change in the future.

Activities marked on Strava as Only you are not downloaded and don’t count for ranking.